SMK has provided us with a lifeline, a bridge from the island to campaigning!

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) is a unique charity here to support individuals, groups and communities to have the skills and confidence to speak up and take effective action on issues that matter to them. We do this by connecting, informing and supporting campaigners.

All our work is focused on empowering people to have a voice. The bulk of our work is focused on those who are new to campaigning, are marginalised, have few resources and cannot get the support they need elsewhere.

Our work includes:

  • Courses, events and good practice: to equip people with the skills to bring about change
  • Policy work: to challenge laws, policies and regulations that diminish peoples’ ability to have their voices heard
  • The National Campaigner Awards: to celebrate people who have and are creating change

The Social Change Project is now live!

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