SMK Awards

Nominations are now closed for the SMK 2017 Campaigner Awards! 

What are the awards?
Each year, SMK celebrates the best campaigns and campaigners – whether working locally or nationally, and from individuals and community groups to people working in large organisations. Our interest is in finding those who have made change happen – most effectively, creatively and courageously.

Winners will receive their award at a special evening ceremony at the House of Lords on Thursday 23 March. 

The Awards judging panel will take place on Monday 27th February and we will be releasing the vote for our People’s Choice Award nominees on Tuesday 27th February.

For information on each of our Award categories, see below. 

Gender Equality

This award recognises people and groups campaigning, either locally or regionally, to ensure that access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender.

Environmental Justice

This award recognises people and groups campaigning on issues such as climate change, renewable energy, carbon reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, and much more, either locally or globally.

Health Award

A good society is defined by the way in which it cares for its most vulnerable members and seeks to enhance the quality of life for everyone.  This award is for campaigners who work to promote public health and improve the way in which people are cared for.

Economic Justice

This award recognises a local group or person that has brought about lasting positive change relating to economic justice e.g. wage levels (such as the living wage), tackling exploitation and discrimination in the workplace, and improving workers’ rights and benefits.

Social Justice

Working to break down social barriers and maximise the opportunities open to all members of society, this award is for campaigners who fight to tackle disadvantage in inequality.

People and Place: Local Campaigner

This award recognises a local group or person that has brought about lasting positive change within their local community.

Creating Change Within Business

This award will recognise individuals within businesses (profit and not for profit) who are campaigning for social change and working to bring others along with them for greater impact.  Whether pushing for change within the business itself or being the driver of the business’s own desire to create change – the award winner will be ultimately be working to change hearts, minds and practice beyond their own company.

Housing and Homlessness

This award provides an opportunity to attract and recognise some of the numerous grassroots campaigns in their field. 

Transport Award

This award focuses on those whose campaigns range from improving coverage and access at a local level or tackling pollution to ensure that transport needs are met with minimal environmental impact.

Lifetime Achievement

This award recognises someone who has achieved a great deal through their campaigning for a number of years. They act as a ‘beacon’ for campaigners across the UK and join SMK’s ‘hall of fame’, inspiring anyone who wants to stand up and take action and make a difference on issues that matter to them.

People's Choice Award

The People’s Choice Campaigner Award, which is funded and voted for by the public, recognises the efforts of an outstanding campaigner who has brought about lasting, positive change at a local, national or international level.

For more information on last years winners click HERE to view the 2016 awards brochure 

Award Winner Quote

“As young working class women from Newcastle, working as Teenage Domestic Violence Peer Educators at West End Women and Girls Centre, we are honoured to be awarded the Sheila McKechnie Foundation Gender Equality Campaigner  Award 2016.

To go to the House of Lords for the award ceremony and meet the other campaigners was truly inspiring and has made us even more passionate and determined to fight for social justice, equality and an end to violence against women and girls.

The award really supported our case to get another year’s funding for our work and we have been training other young women in the North East to act as Domestic Abuse Champions in their schools and colleges and to reach as many young people as possible.

By the end of 2016 we will have DV Champions in every school in Northumberland and Newcastle.”

Laura Christer and Sophie Murtha
Domestic Violence Peer Educators
Gender Equality Campaigner Award Winner 2016

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