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The Social Change Project is a 15 month initiative led by SMK to deepen our understanding of how civil society can really create social change and turn intent into positive action.

It will explore what enables and impedes social change and find the burning issues for the community before then seeking to identify and develop the tools and support needed to create change, bringing together a new diverse and vibrant community of change-makers committed to working together around a common goal.



Civil society is at a real crossroads. We are facing mounting social and environmental challenges from growing inequality to climate change, allied to an upsurge in people wanting to campaign and get involved. Get it right and we can change the world for the better.



The project is open to anyone with an interest or passion in social change and civil society. This will happen across three phases, through face to face meetings, workshops and online.

SMK is primarily the thought convenor and catalyst for encouraging anyone with an interest and commitment to civil society and social change to engage with the project. SMK has its own thoughts on the issue so will be actively contributing to the project as well as encouraging others to get involved.

We plan to address what is working in social change; to surface a clearer language and address legitimacy; and explore the individual competencies and cultures needed for change makers to thrive and grow.

This summer we are beginning with building the evidence base, finding out “what works” and identifying burning issues. In the autumn we will issue a call for evidence from the community of practice. Ultimately we hope to surface and share knowledge and expertise which is useful to civil society beyond the lifecycle of the project.

This summer we have scheduled a series of regional workshops across England in which we invite you to participate

24th July – Newcastle

25th July – Manchester

27th July – Newcastle

14th August – London

15th August – Coventry

To engage with the project or register your interest for a workshop please contact



This project is funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, The Local Trust, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Blagrave Trust.

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